Pharmacy Intervention Programs (PharmaLinc)


U.S. adults spend more on antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs than in any other drug category. Approximately five-in-six users of these psychotropic medications are under the care of a general practitioner (GP). Unfortunately, the majority of GPs are not adequately trained to practice behavioral health, many having no formal training beyond the material marketed with the medication. Making matters worse, some patients will request a specific medication after seeing an advertisement on television because the manufacturer markets it as the “only cure” for their problems. Often times, the end result is a quality-of-care issue, such as misdiagnosis, over-treatment or under-treatment.

CuraLinc Healthcare’s PharmaLinc program monitors the use of prescription medication and ensures that the client is receiving the most effective treatment for their condition. After identifying members who have been prescribed a psychotropic medication in a general medical setting, CuraLinc will work with the member and the prescribing physician to develop the most appropriate treatment strategy. This process results in savings, both directly and indirectly, to the employer and employee.

Goals for CuraLinc Healthcare's PharmaLinc Program

• Educate members who were prescribed a psychotropic drug a general medical setting;
• Provide behavioral health counseling to support members who are taking psychotropic medication;
• Work with the member and the physician to build a course of action that is most appropriate for the situation;
• Reduce pharmacy costs and increase productivity for members and client organizations;
• Increase awareness and utilization of the SupportLinc employee assistance program (EAP).


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