Accessibility is a key to the success of an employee assistance program (EAP). An EAP provider can have a strong clinical model and a proactive approach to client service, but the program will fall flat if employees don’t have a variety of ways to access care around the clock.

Benefit-eligible employees and their immediate family members have access to the EAP twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. CuraLinc provides clients with multiple avenues to connect employees to the program – all with the goal of ensuring that every person who needs support, care or mental health advocacy can access the program on terms that are personally relevant and easy-to-use.


To address the needs of non-English speaking members, CuraLinc employs Spanish, Polish and Russian-speaking Case Managers. CuraLinc also offers translation capabilities for more than 140 other languages and maintains a toll-free TDD line for hearing-impaired participants.


Toll-Free Phone. Licensed mental health counselors answer calls into the EAP directly, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Live/Synchronous Chat. Users can chat with licensed clinicians through the program’s mobile app and through the eConnect® telebehavioral counseling (desktop) portal.

SMS. EAP participants can text keywords, such SUPPORT, to a five-digit code to access CuraLinc’s clinical team.

Video Counseling. Through the eConnect® portal, users can schedule video counseling sessions with licensed counselors who possess a distance counseling certification.

Coaching (‘Text Therapy’). Through CuraLinc's secure platform, counselors (also known as ‘Coaches’) help users boost emotional fitness and wellbeing by exchanging text messages, audio and video files.

Email. Users can email CuraLinc’s licensed counselors directly at an address contained within the program’s promotional materials.

Digital Behavioral Health. CuraLinc’s digital behavioral health (cCBT) platform improves access to care for employees who may not have otherwise used the EAP.

Request Callback. Through both the web portal and the mobile app, users can schedule a callback from one of CuraLinc’s licensed counselors.

Hybrid/Onsite. By combining an onsite EAP with wraparound traditional programming, a client’s employees will receive the best of both worlds – the convenience, trust and client-specific expertise of a worksite EAP, combined with the resource-heavy platform and technology suite offered by CuraLinc.