Common Stressors

  • Dealing with Challenging Customers

  • M&A Rumors

  • Regulatory Concerns and Security

  • High Workloads and Long Hours

  • Emphasis on Accuracy and Details

  • Risk of Robbery/Crisis Event

From dealing with angry customers to meeting strict deadlines to constant attention to detail, employees in the financial services industry are among the most stressed. Today, those working in banking and other financial institutions experience anxiety and tension at all-time high levels.

These and other factors place financial service professionals at an elevated risk for burnout, which is linked to a variety of negative consequences, including:

  • Poor Performance

  • Increased Absenteeism

  • Errors and Mistakes

  • Physical Health Concerns

  • Higher Turnover

CuraLinc understand the challenges that employees of banking and other financial institutions face every day. Beyond the features and resources found in the employee assistance program (EAP) model for clients in all industries, CuraLinc’s programs for financial clients deliver specialized support when the negative effect of stress impacts performance and productivity.

SAME-DAY CRISIS RESPONSE CuraLinc dispatches clinical resources within a matter of hours to support financial service professionals who are impacted by a robbery or other critical event.

RESILIENCE TRAINING FOR BANK TELLERS CuraLinc offers training, in the form of professional organizational development modules, on a variety of key topics including Resilience – all of which can be delivered in-person or via CuraLinc’s proprietary LMS.

RETAIL MANAGER TOOLKIT CuraLinc’s toolkit for retail managers in the financial services sector includes specialized educational resources, as well as personal coaching to deliver Mental Health First Aid.

EAP TECHNOLOGY SUITE Financial service professionals can chat live with licensed mental health clinicians, schedule video counseling sessions and address stress, depression and anxiety through the program’s digital behavioral health platform.

CREATIVE COMMUNICATION PLAN From custom mailers to direct email and text campaigns to tailored flyers, CuraLinc has the creativity and flexibility to engage financial service professionals at all levels.

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