Although the roots of employee assistance (EAP) services included worksite counseling to address occupational alcoholism in the 1930s, today's EAP models are typically delivered externally through a contracted network of independent clinicians. However, over the past decade, more employers are beginning to appreciate the value of a 'hybrid' EAP model – one that includes both external and site-based clinical resources – as an avenue to improve access to care and lower the stigma associated with mental health treatment.


The majority of employees who use clinical services at the worksite or in a clinic setting will not use a traditional EAP referral model. Furthermore, most participants in a traditional model feel that a worksite or clinic-based program compromises their confidentiality and limits their clinical options to a specific time or counselor – and, subsequently, prefer the option of being referred to a counselor near their home or office.

By combining worksite, near-site or clinic-based counseling with wraparound traditional programming, a client’s employees will receive the best of both worlds -– the convenience and client-specific expertise of a site-based model, combined with the in-the-moment support, work-life resources, nationwide clinical network and technology suite delivered to CuraLinc's traditional EAP clients.


  • Complete Service Administration

  • Nationwide Footprint

  • Flexible Staffing Options

  • Single Data Warehouse with Integrated Reporting

  • Web and Mobile Scheduler

  • Organizational Support (Management Consultations, Crisis Response Services, Training, RIF Consultation)

  • Monthly Operations Meetings

  • Quarterly Leadership Meetings

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