With dedicated international resources and a mission for providing in-person services anywhere in the world, CuraLinc offers a single source solution for EAP/MAP clients with employees outside of the U.S. CuraLinc’s experienced staff provides around-the-clock access to care and emergency intervention in over 200 countries through 16 global service centers.

  • Around-the-Clock Live Answer in Local Languages

  • Clinical Counseling and Innovative Work-Life Solutions, Including Legal and Financial Consultation and Dependent Care Referrals

  • 24/7 Consultation Hotline for Managers, Answered by Specialists in Management and Workplace Issues

  • Customizable EAP/MAP Website, Available in Multiple Languages

  • Detailed Utilization Reports

  • Onsite Training and Crisis Event Response Services Available Worldwide

enhanced financial wellness

CuraLinc’s Enhanced Financial Wellness program focuses on improving financial well-being through a holistic approach of education, one-on-one money coaching, personal financial management tools and ongoing support for all financial topics in every stage of life. The program provides relief from financial stress by helping employees and their loved ones make behavioral changes – they learn to communicate about money and work together in an effort to master healthy financial habits. As a result, employees are able to overcome challenges and reach financial goals. On average, participants experience a 65% improvement in financial well-being, and make significant progress in paying down debt, improving credit and increasing net worth.

eConnect® telebehavioral counseling

eConnect®, a proprietary behavioral health solution from CuraLinc, facilitates secure video and synchronous chat access to independently-licensed masters- and doctorate-level mental health clinicians. All eConnect® clinicians have a DCC (distance credentialed counselor) accreditation and at least five years of experience in the direct provision of clinical care.

Through the eConnect® platform, CuraLinc provides scheduled and on-demand sessions to help users deal with a wide array of concerns, such as anxiety, anger management, depression, relationship problems, grief, organizational change, stress management and substance abuse. eConnect® is embedded into every EAP/MAP model, and is also available as a stand-alone product to CuraLinc's channel partners.

Disability navigator (Autism Support)

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which include Autistic Disorders (a.k.a. "classic autism”), Rett Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorders and Asperger Syndrome, are developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. CuraLinc’s Disability Navigator program provides an extra layer of support, advocacy and navigation for families who have children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Expat Assist

Through the Expat Assist program, CuraLinc provides outreach, support and counseling to American employees who are working on assignment overseas. The engagement timeline includes pre- and post-departure outreach; and counseling can be delivered electronically (through the eConnect® platform) or face-to-face.


PharmaLinc provides CuraLinc clients with a program that addresses problems associated with the prescription of psychotropic drugs in a general medical setting. CuraLinc’s independently-licensed mental health clinicians perform a comprehensive clinical assessment for members who were prescribed a psychotropic medication to determine whether the current course of action recommended by the physician is appropriate for the member’s condition.

  • If the course of action is appropriate, the clinician may suggest short-term counseling within the EAP or MAP as a complement to the medication, or assist the member in finding a psychiatrist who can more precisely treat the member’s condition to reduce recidivism and ensure treatment compliance.

  • If the clinician feels that the course of action is not appropriate, CuraLinc will work with the member and the physician to develop a roadmap that is consistent with the member’s condition.


Combining the services of an EAP with a disability management program can have a positive impact on both the employee and the employer. For clients that elect DisabilityLinc, CuraLinc will pattner with the organization’s Human Resources department and disability insurance provider to develop a process for identifying employees who file a disability claim. Once the employee is identified, he or she will be contacted by a licensed mental health clinician who will explain the benefits of the EAP and perform an initial clinical assessment, evaluating their psychological and social needs.

Until the employee returns to work, CuraLinc will continue to monitor the case to ensure that the employee’s issues are being resolved – and will also provide additional EAP-related resources, as necessary, to enable a faster return to work. Upon returning to work, CuraLinc will work with the employee, the supervisor and the Human Resources liaison to help facilitate an easier transition and reduce the likelihood of recidivism.

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