Common Stressors

  • Extended or Irregular Shifts

  • Loss of Sleep and Family Time (especially during the holidays)

  • Increased Risk of Injury (slips, falls, lifting)

  • Lack of Control Over Work Environment

  • Dealing with Challenging Customers

  • Crowd Management and Violence

Nowhere is the following statement more obvious than in the retail and restaurant sector — work-related stress has a significant negative impact on employee productivity, wellbeing and emotional fitness. Constantly-changing schedules, drastic seasonal swings and odd hours place a great deal of pressure on both employees and managers. As a result, it’s important for retail and restaurant employers to provide resources that help employees feel safe, supported, confident and empowered to respond appropriately during challenging situations.

CuraLinc provides flexible plan design options and specialty resources that are tailored to the rapidly-changing work environment commonly found with retail and restaurant employers. In addition to helping employees deal with stress and maintain work-life balance, CuraLinc also provides consultation to assist retailers and restaurant chains with designing internal policies and programs that support employee wellbeing.

Beyond the features and resources found in the employee assistance program (EAP) model for clients in all industries, CuraLinc’s programs for retail and restaurant clients offer additional focal points that improve engagement, emotional fitness and productivity.  

CREATIVE COMMUNICATION PLAN     From custom home mailers to rotating videos before and after hours to direct email and text campaigns to employees, CuraLinc has the creativity and flexibility necessary to engage retail and restaurant employees.  

SAME-DAY CRISIS RESPONSE     CuraLinc sends clinical resources within a matter of hours to address critical events such as a robbery, workplace violence or employee death.

RESOURCES FOR FIRST-TIME MANAGERS     CuraLinc’s management consultants are experts at helping first-time managers address challenging employee situations.  

MSK SUPPORT     The disability and chronic pain driven by many musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions may underlie the development of a variety of mental health concerns, such as depression or anxiety. Conversely, many symptoms of mental health disorders can exacerbate the symptoms of an MSK disorder. CuraLinc offers a variety of EAP-driven tactics and service elements designed to facilitate holistic care for participants with comorbid MSK and mental health disorders.

EAP TECHNOLOGY SUITE     Retail and restaurant employees can chat live with licensed clinicians, schedule video counseling and connect with the program through the digital behavioral health platform.

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RETAIL & restaurant OUTCOMES

Every year, CuraLinc measures the impact of EAP and MAP services on employee health and productivity. The following is a short summary of outcomes from the retail and restaurant sector. To review outcomes across all verticals, visit

  • The average time missed from work due to a retail or restaurant employee’s presenting concern dropped from 14.5 hours to 4.8 hours after using the EAP.

  • 67% of retail or restaurant EAP participants with depression showed ‘significant improvement’ (a positive migration of two risk levels) after using the program.

  • Over 81% of retail and restaurant employees reported improved productivity after EAP participation.