UX is short for 'User Experience', which encompasses every aspect of a participant's interaction with a CuraLinc program. CuraLinc's approach to UX underlines a commitment to providing a human-centered suite of services that are accessible, easy to use and valuable.

  • Accessibility. Are we giving employees and members multiple avenues to access care?

  • Usability. Once they reach us, how usable is the program?

  • Credibility. Do users trust us as a credible resource?

  • Advocacy. Are we providing enough empathy, navigation and guidance to support users?

  • Value. Do users feel they’re getting value out of the program?

  • Results. Does the program's UX drive positive and measurable results?

The answers to these questions drive the features that make CuraLinc's programs unique, several of which are listed below.


tailored Engagement Strategy for every client

Why it's important.  An in-the-box approach to maximizing EAP awareness and engagement won’t reach your out-of-the-box employees or members.

personally-relevant access to the program

Why it's important.  Today, more than ever, employees consume EAP in a manner that fits their preference and lifestyle. In addition to toll-free telephonic access, employees can connect with the program through live (synchronous) chat, video, text therapy, live chat, web call-back form, mobile call-back form, SMS/short code, email and our digital behavioral health platform.

24/7 Live-Answer Clinical Intake     

Why it's important.  Every call into the EAP, around the clock, is answered directly by an independently-licensed mental health clinician.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment from Licensed Clinicians    

Why it's important.  CuraLinc’s clinical process provides in-the-moment support, guidance and advocacy when employees need it most.

EAP Referrals Verified for Availability and MHSA Alignment    

Why it's important.  CuraLinc avoids “failed referrals” by proactively verifying provider availability and confirming network participation.

Innovative, Customizable and Easy-to-Use Web and Mobile Platforms  

Why it's important.  Technology has opened new opportunities to engage and impact employees with depression, stress or anxiety.

Dedicated and Insightful Single Point-of-Contact for Every Client    

Why it's important.  CuraLinc’s proactive and collaborative approach to client services maximizes the value of the EAP.

Structured Approach to Case, Data and Marketing Integration    

Why it's important.  By facilitating integration, CuraLinc's EAP and MAP fill the gap of behavioral health that exists in an employer’s health management strategy.

Measurable Health and Productivity Outcomes     

Why it's important.  CuraLinc measures the impact of the EAP on absenteeism, productivity, depression and substance abuse.


A “Total Well-Being” Approach

Why it's important.  CuraLinc provides participants with the tools, resources, motivation and one-on-one instruction necessary to achieve the perfect balance of physical, financial and mental well-being.

Scalable Plan Design Options

Why it's important.  CuraLinc's wellness programs are designed to grow as the culture, needs and goals of each employer change.

Industry-Leading Health Coaching

Why it's important.  All health educators have a master’s degree in a health-related field, an average of ten years' experience, and are certified by both the Wellness Council of America (as a Certified Health Coach) and the American Lung Association (as a Tobacco Cessation Facilitator). In addition, every CuraLinc health coach is NBC-HWC certified.

Technology-Enabled Access

Why it's important. Wellness participants can engage with the program’s health educators using the eConnect® telehealth platform. eConnect® offers scheduled video and web chat coaching to program participants, in addition to the unlimited telephonic coaching that is already included in the program. 

To learn more about CuraLinc's UX for employee assistance (EAP), member assistance (MAP), student assistance or wellness programs, contact us by clicking the button below.