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CuraLinc Healthcare provides an outcomes-driven suite of employee assistance (EAP), member assistance (MAP), student assistance, behavioral health and wellness programs to clients with employees, member and students in the U.S. and around the world.


employee and member assistance programs (EAP/MAP)

CuraLinc Healthcare’s employee and member assistance programs provide employers, associations and trusts with a resource to improve  productivity, engagement and retention. The program's innovative and highly-structured behavioral health case management model also impacts both direct and indirect costs. In addition, the EAP can be an effective management tool for employers, providing assistance in areas such as workplace trauma, corporate training and management consultation.

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wellness programs

CuraLinc’s wellness programs provide clients with a comprehensive health management solution that engages individuals on a personal level while working to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the organization. CuraLinc helps clients develop a wellness strategy that accounts for their clinical and financial risks, while providing program participants with a service that is most appropriate for their lifestyle and (if applicable) condition. Each CuraLinc wellness program is tailored to suit the unique needs, goals and budget of the client.

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student assistance programs

CuraLinc's student assistance programs help colleges, universities and other post-secondary schools support student health initiatives and reduce student attrition. These services offer confidential and professional counseling for behavioral health concerns that may affect students personally or impact their performance at school, including alcohol-related concerns, transition and/or adjustment issues, stress, depression, anxiety and abuse of prescription or recreational drugs.

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CuraLinc's Digital Behavioral Health (cCBT) platform is an innovative online and mobile program that offers evidence-based content, practical resources and daily inspiration to foster meaningful and lasting behavioral change. The program provides a variety of structured, self-directed and dynamic resources that have a measurable impact on mental health and overall wellbeing.

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“Cura”, translated from Latin, means “care” and “healing”; and “Linc” represents our willingness and capacity to integrate our programs as core health management components.

Our caring attitude is at the core of every encounter that program participants have with CuraLinc practitioners, be it with an EAP clinician, health educator or care management nurse.

Our axiom, “Treat the Person, Not the Condition”, underlines the organization's commitment to making individuals healthier through personalized advocacy, intervention and care.

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