CuraLinc Healthcare’s employee assistance (EAP) and member assistance (MAP) programs provide an organizational, yet confidential, approach to working constructively with employees and members who experience personal and work-related problems that impact their health, productivity and emotional fitness. The program also reduces direct and indirect costs through an innovative and highly-structured care management model that addresses the following concerns:




CuraLinc’s employee assistance (EAP) and member assistance (MAP) programs have a positive impact on participant health, wellbeing and productivity.

CuraLinc publishes an annual case study that includes outcomes data from EAP and MAP participation at A summary of the study can also be found on CuraLinc’s Outcomes page.

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CuraLinc provides employee assistance (EAP) and member assistance (MAP) programs to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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CuraLinc's human-centered approach to the User Experience (UX) drives a model that is accessible, easy to use and valuable.

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CuraLinc takes a thoughtful approach to product and feature development that serves three primary purposes:

  • Get more employees and members to the program.

  • Provide more on-demand resources to employees and members.

  • Impact the user experience (UX) and the intrinsic value of the program for every participant.

CuraLinc's organizational focus on innovation is driven through monthly meetings with the internal development committee and quarterly meetings with CuraLinc's advisory board. For more information regarding any of the programs and features within CuraLinc’s innovation roadmap, contact your CuraLinc Healthcare representative.

CuraLinc's EAP and MAP products include a comprehensive suite of resources for employees, employers and HR/Benefits professionals.

resources for employeEs



Because there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ way to connect employees/members to care, CuraLinc facilitates access to the EAP and MAP through multiple avenues: telephonic, video, chat, SMS, etc.

Short-Term Counseling

For participants seeking clinical services, CuraLinc provides a structured and advocacy-based care path that increases the likelihood of optimal health- and productivity-related outcomes, as well as resolution within the program. This process is broken down into four distinct stages.

  • Clinical Assessment. CuraLinc's licensed mental health clinicians ('Case Managers') answer every telephonic, chat or email intake directly and prepare a comprehensive care plan that focuses on resolution within the program.

  • Referral. After conducting the initial assessment, the Case Manager will make a strategic referral to a local network clinician who meets the following criteria: specialty matches presenting concern; proximity to the participant’s home or office; participates in the member’s benefit plan (MHSA) network; and verified willingness to accept new appointments.

  • Counseling. After the first two stages are complete, the participant is referred to a local clinician for face-to-face counseling or (upon request) to technology-driven care through CuraLinc's eConnect® telebehavioral counseling platform. The clinician will spend the first counseling session evaluating the member. Subsequent sessions are used to facilitate treatment.

  • Follow-Up. CuraLinc follows up with both the participant and the affiliate clinician after counseling sessions have been exhausted. Although this follow-up typically leads to case closure and resolution, CuraLinc will facilitate a referral to the medical plan or a community-based resource if the participant's concern is not fully-resolved.

Work-Life Benefits

CuraLinc's personalized suite of work-life benefits improve employee productivity and engagement by helping EAP and MAP participants stay free of distractions and remain focused on their job.

Work-Life Benefits include, but are not limited to: legal consultation (both in-person and telephonic); financial consultation from a network of CFPs and CPAs; identity theft recovery assistance; expert dependent care referrals for child care, elder care, back-up care, adoption, summer camps and education; and concierge referrals to resources like home improvement, volunteer opportunities, entertainment services, pet care, automotive repair, relocation, wellness, travel, plumbers and handymen, cleaning services and much more.


Technology Suite

EAP and MAP clients have access to an integrated technology suite that includes four key components:

  • Web Platform

  • Mobile App

  • Telebehavioral (Video/Chat) Counseling

  • Digital Behavioral Health (cCBT)

For more information regarding CuraLinc's technology suite, visit the Technology page here.

resources for employers

Critical Incident Response Services 

Incidents such as workplace violence, robbery, a natural disaster, suicide or a workplace accident can leave employees shocked, distracted and unable to perform their job effectively. Critical Incident Response (CIR) services are offered to CuraLinc's clients following the aforementioned traumatic events. They are intended to reduce the acute symptoms of the trauma and to prevent the development of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Training and Organizational Development

To augment an employer's organizational development strategy, CuraLinc offers a broad range of customized workshops and training modules designed to make staff and managers more effective. All sessions include interactive exercises, audience participation and post-session proficiency testing.  These modules can be delivered in-person, via webcast or through CuraLinc’s proprietary learning management system (LMS) platform.

Management Consultations and resources

CuraLinc's management consultants provide expert guidance and support for managing difficult workplace situations and providing assistance to employees in need. These confidential one-on-one discussions with client supervisors can address work performance, attendance issues, workplace violence, substance abuse, mental health and many other employee-related topics.

For managers, supervisors and HR professionals who want a self-serve option for EAP and MAP-related resources, CuraLinc's Supervisor Toolkit includes topic-specific flyers, 'Life Event' tip sheets, videos and an EAP Supervisor Handbook.

Formal Management Referral Coordination

Formal management referrals (FMRs) help clients motivate troubled employees to seek and accept professional assistance through the EAP or MAP. A manager, supervisor or HR professional can initiate an FMR when an employee presents a documented decline in work performance or an on-the-job incident. CuraLinc includes unlimited FMRs in every EAP or MAP model.

Anti-Stigma Campaign (1in4)


According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in four Americans suffers from a mental health disorder like depression or anxiety. Unfortunately, a combination of stigma and accessibility leaves many of these people feeling like they don’t have anywhere to turn. Every January, CuraLinc hosts an anti-stigma campaign for  clients called ‘1in4’ that focuses on normalizing the need for behavioral health resources (such as an EAP) and removing barriers for those who want to access care.

The 1in4 campaign includes a marketing toolkit, with wristbands, flyers, eblasts and worksite posters. It also includes a resource-heavy website ( with audio and video lessons, topical tip sheets, a mental health self-assessment, facts regarding mental health and links to external resources.

client services

CuraLinc takes a proactive and collaborative approach to client services that maximizes the value of the employee assistance program for each client.

  • Single Point-of-Contact. CuraLinc assigns a dedicated Client Relationship Manager (CRM) to every EAP client.

  • Service Team Leader. CuraLinc’s operations, crisis response, training and marketing personnel provide support to the CRM in the administration of EAP services for each customer.

  • Implementation. CuraLinc’s structured approach to rolling out every employee assistance program starts with an implementation meeting, which provides CuraLinc’s client services, marketing and operations teams with insight into each client’s culture, policies, communications channels, technology and EAP experience. From the implementation meeting, CuraLinc will provide clients with a checklist and timeline of deliverables that will ensure a successful rollout.

  • Reporting. CuraLinc’s comprehensive reports include a one-page executive summary and are reviewed with client plan sponsors on a regular basis.

  • Client Toolkit. CuraLinc provides plan sponsors with a toolkit of self-serve resources, including videos, tip sheets and promotional collateral.

  • Ownership and Accountability. Spearheaded by the CRM, CuraLinc is responsible for delivering an EAP that is tailored to suit a client’s culture, policies, promotional channels and goals.



CuraLinc’s approach to delivering value to EAP and MAP clients starts with a tailored engagement strategy that drives awareness and utilization to an evidence-based program that has a measurable impact on participants, as well as the organization.