Technology has opened new avenues to help people with depression, stress or anxiety – and there's no better place to start than with the program at the front line of mental health support, an EAP.

99% of Americans have access to the internet at home or work; and 88% use a smart phone.
56% of Americans with a mental illness do not receive care or treatment.
over 123 million Americans live in mental health professional shortage areas.


Access to technology is on the rise, while access to mental health professionals is declining. Today, more than ever, EAP providers must weave technology into the fiber of the program – or risk missing engagement and care delivery opportunities with employees who may not use the program through traditional access points.

CuraLinc’s technology suite includes five integrated components that expand the footprint of EAP treatment and engage employees on their terms.

web platform

The EAP web platform acts as an excellent complement to the program’s telephonic and in-person services. More than just a static website, the portal – which can be tailored in several ways to suit each client – contains an extensive library of informative articles, webinars (live and archived), search engines, audio and video files, self-assessments and hundreds of valuable resource links. The platform also includes an eight-minute EAP orientation video.

Additional features of the mobile-friendly EAP web platform include: Ask the Expert (a function that allows employees to easily schedule a call-back or request more information about the EAP); Discounted Gym Memberships (through GlobalFit®, discounted access to thousands of gyms in North America); Self-Search Locators (users can conduct a targeted search of over 600,000 resources: child care providers, elder care services, adoption, education, pet sitting, private and public colleges, volunteer opportunities and attorneys); Will Creation (free access to 1-2-Law, which allows participants to create a free legally-binding will or power of attorney); Mindfulness Toolkit (includes audio lessons, tip sheets and other resources to help employees stay more focused, less stressed and ‘mindful’); Wellness Resources (everything from WebMD content to tip sheets to wellness-related articles to personal health assessments); and Flash Courses (10-minute online training modules develop proficiency in a variety of subjects).

mobile platform

CuraLinc’s eConnect® mobile app provides participants with mobile access to secure and confidential counseling, as well as helpful resources on a variety of wellbeing and productivity-related topics. The app also contains a summary of each client’s unique program and – most importantly – the ability to connect immediately with one of CuraLinc’s licensed and experienced clinicians by phone or live chat.

  • Connect Immediately with a CuraLinc Healthcare Clinician

  • Schedule an Assessment, Appointment or Call Back

  • Review a Summary of the EAP for Compression Management Partners

  • Access to a Resource Library of Helpful Articles and Tip Sheets

  • Synchronous Chat/SMS/IM with a CuraLinc Healthcare Clinician

  • Video Counseling Through the New Counselor Connect Feature

  • SSO Link to the EAP Web Platform for Compression Management Partners

  • Optional Push Messaging Campaign to Drive EAP Awareness

  • Customizable Links to a Client's Other Mobile-Friendly Resources

telebehavioral counseling

CuraLinc’s innovative distance counseling platform, eConnect®, is included with all EAP models. eConnect® is a confidential and secure technology-based counseling medium that provides members with video and web chat access to licensed masters- and doctorate-level behavioral health professionals who possess a BC-TMH (Board Certified TeleMental Health accreditation), as well as experience in distance counseling.

By adding video and chat-based treatment to the EAP's existing telephonic and face-to-face services, CuraLinc increases accessibility to care for members in far-reaching rural locations, those with mobility problems and people with urgent behavioral health needs.

digital behavioral health (cCBT)

Digital Behavioral Health (cCBT) extends the impact range of the EAP and gives participants a personalized digital resource that strengthens their mental health and overall wellbeing.

CuraLinc's Digital Behavioral Health platform is an innovative online and mobile program that offers evidence-based content, practical resources and daily inspiration to foster meaningful and lasting behavioral change. Personalized eLearning programs to help participants overcome stress, depression, anxiety and substance use disorders are supported by simple tools, weekly exercises, and daily inspiration in a safe and confidential environment. Click here for more information regarding CuraLinc’s CBT-based digital behavioral health solution.

emotional fitness coaching (text therapy)

Starting in January 2020, CuraLinc’s proprietary Coaching platform will provide participants with convenient access to licensed counselors. Through CuraLinc's secure platform, these counselors (also known as ‘Coaches’) help users boost emotional fitness and wellbeing through an exchange of text-based dialogue as well as the provision of resource links, audio and video lessons. Click here for more information.